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2024 Parent/Teacher Conferences

  Last Name Subject Taught
Ms. A. Errico Language Arts, Special Education
Mr. A. Palma Theatrical Arts/Musical Theater
Mrs. Alexander Mathematics
Mr. Alexander Social Studies
Mrs. Anderson Physical Education/Health
Mrs. Annett Mathematics
Mr. Arvanites Physical Education/Health
Mr. Babst Mathematics
Mr. Ballo Physical Education/Health
Ms. Barbara Lynch Academic Support Instruction (ASI)
Mrs. Barone Child Study Team (CST)
Mrs. Beloncik Physical Education/Health
Mrs. Belotti Academic Support Instruction (ASI)
Mr. Benak Physical Education/Health
Ms. Bingert Mathematics
Mrs. Bobik Science
Mr. Boehm Mathematics
Mrs. Boyle/Lynch Language Arts
Mr. Brown Language Arts
Miss C. Ritter Social Studies, Special Education
Mrs. Campbell Music, Band
Mrs. Cangelosi Nurse
Miss Carnevale Mathematics
Mrs. Catanzaro Science
Mrs. Catena School/Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Cavallaro Academic Support Instruction (ASI)
Mrs. Chartock Social Studies, multi-cultures
Ms. Clay Language Arts
Mrs. Cohen Child Study Team (CST)
Mrs. Consulmagno SAC
Mrs. Cook English as a Second Language (ESL)
Mrs. Currie Science
Mr. D. Poulsen Mathematics
Mr. D. Provenza Science
Ms. David Social Studies, Special Education
Ms. Del Popolo Language Arts
Mrs. DeMaio Physical Therapy (PT)
Mrs. Dobrzynski Library/Media Specialist
Mr. Donegan Mathematics, Tech Tank
Mr. Dubil Mathematics
Ms. Duhigg Special Education, Life Skills and Unified Electives
Mr. E. Howard Special Education
Mrs. E. Poulsen Language Arts
Mrs. Faulkner Technology
Mr. Fazzini Child Study Team (CST)
Mrs. Fernandez Spanish
Ms. Flint Language Arts, Science
Ms. Gates Mathematics, Special Education
Mrs. Geison Academic Support Instruction (ASI)
Mrs. Gioia Physical Education/Health
Mr. Gizzi Social Studies
Mr. Grimm Science, Special Education
Mrs. Hoehman Mathematics
Ms. Hoff Social Studies
Mr. Hornlein Social Studies
Mrs. Iurilli Language Arts, Special Education
Mrs. Izzo Mathematics
Mrs. Jasper Mathematics
Mr. K. Boehringer Technology, STEM
Mrs. K. Howard Science
Mrs. Kaminsky Mathematics
Mrs. Karst Mathematics
Ms. Kelly Social Studies
Mrs. Kilbride Mathematics
Mrs. Kilpatrick Language Arts
Mrs. Kirschbaum Mathematics
Mr. Knoth Social Studies
Ms. Komm Science
Ms. L. Boehringer Spanish
Mr. Lampkin Mathematics, Social Studies
Mrs. Leber Mathematics, Social Studies
Mrs. Lentini Mathematics
Mrs. Liebes Language Arts, Special Education
Mr. Logan Language Arts
Mr. Longo Science
Dr. M. Provenza Language Arts
Mr. Mancini Theater & Musical Theater
Mrs. Marsh Science
Mrs. McGough Talented & Gifted (TAG)
Mrs. McManus Language Arts
Mrs. McVicar Academic Support Instruction (ASI)
Mrs. Mellios Mathematics
Mrs. Merrick Mathematics, Special Education
Ms. Minnuies Science, Special Education
Ms. Mondano Language Arts
Mrs. Moose Speech
Mrs. Morvay Mathematics, Social Studies, Special Education
Mr. Mullins Social Studies
Mrs. Neocleous Mathematics, Special Education
Miss Nestor Physical Education/Health
Mrs. Novak Special Education
Ms. Nunes Mathematics
Mr. O'Donnell Language Arts
Dr. Oleszkiewicz Child Study Team (CST)
Mr. P. Palma Music, Work Smart, Chorus, Voice Performance
Ms. Parker School/Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Pawelek Language Arts, Special Education
Mrs. Picazio Science, Special Education
Mr. Price Language Arts
Miss Purcell Mathematics
Mr. R. Errico Mathematics
Mrs. Redmond Language Arts
Ms. Reina School/Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Reissner Language Arts, Science
Mrs. Ritter Mathematics
Mrs. Rottenberg Speech
Miss Rubay Mathematics, Special Education
Mrs. Ruiz Music, Chorus
Ms. Sabir Mathematics
Ms. Sadiq Science, Academic Support Instruction (ASI)
Ms. Sherby Language Arts
Mrs. Shiffner Mathematics
Mr. Slavik Physical Education/Health
Mrs. Stravalacci Language Arts
Mrs. Suckow Language Arts
Ms. Tarr Art
Mrs. Tennaro Special Education
Ms. Testa Language Arts
Mrs. Tiberi Occupational Therapy (OT)
Mr. Tyska Social Studies
Mr. Vogel 21st Century Skills & Careers
Ms. Williams Language Arts
Mr. Zolla Physical Education/Health