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Health Office

Health and Medical Information

Please be sure that if your student has any health concerns such as asthma, allergies (food, medication, environmental, or any other allergy), seizure disorder, or any other health issue that you check with the health office to be certain it is noted in the student health file.

If your student has Asthma and/or a Food Allergy, this should be reported to the nurse’s office. Either can result in a life threatening event and medications may be needed at school.

If your student has been diagnosed with asthma and uses an inhaler or nebulizer, an Asthma Action Plan should be completed by you and your doctor and returned to the nurse’s office with the appropriate medication.

**The office has a nebulizer machine so you only need to provide the medication along with the mask and tubing required.**


If your student has a food allergy (there are more than just nuts) it is imperative that the nurse’s office be aware. Steps need to be taken to be certain that the necessary departments are notified of any food allergies. If the allergy requires the precaution of an Epi Pen, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan  needs to be completed by you and your doctor and returned to the nurse’s office with the appropriate medication.


If your student has been diagnosed with seizures and uses medication that is needed during school or for emergency use a Seizure Action Plan should be completed by you and your doctor and returned to the nurse's office with the appropriate medication.


All medication submitted to the nurse’s office must be done so in accordance with the instructions provided on the “Medication Requirements” section.

Gym/Recess:    Should your student incur an injury that prevents them from participating in gym, please be aware that the only note that will excuse him/her from physical education must come from a physician. The note must also indicate when the student may resume normal activity.

A note from home will not suffice when a restriction of activities is requested.

Medication Requirements 

The state of New Jersey has very strict guidelines for the administration of medication during the school day.

Any medication given by the school nurse during school hours (including over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil or Cough Drops, etc.) has the following requirements:

● Medication must be sent in the original properly labeled container as received from the pharmacy and prescriptions are valid until the expiration date.

● Written authorization from parent (this is on the same form that the physician will complete) must be received prior to the administration of any medication.


● Written order from physician (this is the same form that the parent will complete above) which must be signed, dated and physician stamp applied. Please note medication orders are only effective for one school year; a new order is required at the start of each school year.

● Medication must be delivered to the nurse’s office .

At the end of the school year, medication will be returned.